EU raises another €9bn for Covid recovery


欧洲an Commission如今,将首次拍卖短期的欧盟票房,以增强其bond issuance program, the executive branch of the EU said its latest oversubscribed bond had raised €9 billion, to take the money raised so far forCovid-recovery spending至540亿欧元。

The EU wants to raise €80 billion in bonds this year, plus “tens of billions of euros” of short-term bills, with the first auction of the latter, syndicated lending opportunities due to take place today. ‘Syndications' offer groups of lenders who are unable to sign up individually to provide the large sums of credit required, to do so collectively.

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The cash will go towards the EU's €800 billion ‘NextGenerationU‘ Covid recovery package, which will run to the end of 2026 and include a €724 billion ‘恢复和弹性设施‘ (RRF) which will disburse grants and loans to member states who must agree to devote至少37%of the windfall to green spending.

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到目前为止,委员会的债券计划已筹集了540亿欧元。6月15日发行了一项初始的,十年,200亿欧元的工具;其次是90亿欧元,五年和60亿欧元的30年投资June 29; and a 20-year, €10 billion issuance on July 13.

The EU has pledged to issue 30% of its bonds under a ‘green' label which commits their proceeds to be spent combating climate change, and last week said its first Covid-recovery绿色债券would be issued next month.