Kazakhstan’s solar auction concludes with lowest price of $0.0297/kWh


Kazakhstan electricity and power market operator JSC Korem has allocated 20 MW of PV capacity in a solar energy auction finalized this month.

JSC Korem received 14 project proposals with a combined capacity of 60 MW in the procurement exercise and prices ranged from KZT16,96 ($0.0392) to KZT12,87 ($0.0297)/kWh.

获胜项目是由哈萨克开发商Nextecoenergy Pte Ltd Llp提出的20兆瓦太阳能电厂,该公司在拍卖中提交了最低的出价。

The country's Ministry of Energy said in a statement that another 20 MW solar auction will be held in 2022.

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In 2020, JSC Korem allocated55 MW of PV capacityin two different procurement exercises. The lowest final prices of the two auctions were KZT14.99/kWh andKZT14.58/kWh, 分别。俄罗斯模块制造商Hevel Solar确保了两个项目,总计40兆瓦。

In the first solar auction, held in 2018, JSC Korem selected four PV projects totaling 170 MW and the lowest bid was KZT18.6/kWh.In a second, 50 MW procurement exercise held a year later, the total allocated power was 50 MW and the lowest price wasKZT12.49.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency,Kazakhstan到2020年底,安装的太阳能发电能力约为1,719兆瓦。仅2020年就部署了大部分容量(约570兆瓦)。在过去几年中,在该国拍卖计划之外建立了更多项目。