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BayWa r.e. to develop hybrid solar-storage-hydrogen project in France

The Community of Communes of Haute-Saintonge on the mid-Atlantic coast of France has picked BayWa r.e. to develop an innovative hybrid project on the site of the Pôle Mécanique de la Haute Saintonge.


New platform centralizes PPA market data

事务infrastr LevelTen能源、可再生能源ucture company, has launched a new platform to simplify and accelerate power purchase agreement market analysis. The new platform, MarketPulse, provides 24/7 access to PPA price data, renewable energy project data, and analytics.


Australian state closing in on commercial-scale green hydrogen

Western Australia has never been closer to demonstrating commercial-scale green hydrogen, as Infinite Green Energy’s MEG HP1 project, which uses the 11 MW Northam Solar Farm, is now pushing toward completion.

Solar support in hazardous locations

在一些世界上最危险的位置resilient and autonomous common denominator is often found – solar energy. From offshore oil rigs to remote mine sites and the frontlines of conflict zones, solar power functions where others fail, and it does so without the need of refuelling or regular maintenance. But what makes solar such a ‘no-brainer’ that even the oil and gas industry must turn to it? And what other hazardous locations can be electrified with solar? Blake Matich reports.


A new day at sunset

For the many millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa who lack access to electric lighting, sunset brings an almost enveloping dark. But Light Libraries is one handy solar-powered program that brings an affordable end to darkness for school students.新利18appnetsat down with Sofia Ollvid from SolarAid to discuss how these libraries work.

Rio Tinto’s new mine powered by 34 MW of solar

Rio Tinto has officially opened a technologically advanced mine in Western Australia. The Gudai-Darri iron ore mine features a 34 MW solar farm capable of meeting one-third of the facility’s energy needs.


Ireland proposes planning exemptions for rooftop solar

The Irish government has drafted a proposal that would exempt domestic and some non-domestic solar installations from planning permission, in order to make solar installation shorter and simpler, bringing the nation in line with the EU Solar Rooftops Initiative.


A simmering cauldron of renewables ‘revenue cannibalization’

There is enormous demand for renewables to enter the grid, and for power purchase agreements to make use of them. However, as more renewables feed into the grid at intermittent periods, the risk of “revenue cannibalization” increases. Swiss consultancy Pexapark’s latest report looks at the “cannibalization effect” and how the solar PPA market can adapt.


Enphase claims new safety regulations mean more Australian installers prefer its IQ Microinverters

Long-overdue safety and compliance regulation increases came into effect in May. US-based Enphase Energy claims its technology’s exemption from much of nation-wide regulations means installers across the country are opting for its products exclusively.

Green investors eyeing up Australia following election results

The remarkable results of what is already being called a ‘historic’ 2022 federal election have put Australia “back on the map” in the eyes of big low-carbon investors.


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