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Attendees at the Renpower Kenya clean energy event in Nairobi were told there will be a changeover in incentive schemes in 2022 with mature technologies no longer benefiting from fixed payments.

CrossBoundary Energy Access raises $25 million to finance solar-powered minigrids in Africa

CrossBoundary Energy Access (CBEA) has raised $25 million from ARCH Emerging Markets Partners, Bank of America, and Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund to finance the development of solar minigrids in Africa.


South African data center signs up for 87 MW of solar

A large campus in Johannesburg – Vantage Data Centers’ first in Africa – will receive a third of its energy from solar panels.

Industry players discuss solar market outlook in Africa

JA Solar and Clenergy sponsored a recent webinar that explored the outlook for solar deployment in a number of southern African countries.

Competitive, renewable hydrogen from the Middle East and North Africa

ATA Insights held a webinar on April 25 that focused on green hydrogen opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa.


‘African countries must unite to establish a green hydrogen economy’

只有通过共同努力,非洲n nations overcome the obstacles to exploiting their abundant renewables resources and producing affordable green hydrogen – for use at home and in a European economy keen to wean itself off Russian gas, an online event has been told.


African Development Bank offers local-currency credit to Nigeria’s clean power developers

Lack of locally-denominated finance, and of sufficiently long-term loans, are well established hurdles to the development of photovoltaics in Africa.


Copper miner plans solar and wind capacity in Zambia

Canadian company First Quantum Minerals will commission 430MW of photovoltaic and wind generation capacity from Total Eren and renewables-for-African-mining specialist Chariot Transitional Power.


World Bank notes potential for 210,000 mini-grids this decade

The international development entity has already invested $1 billion in local, off-grid electricity networks over the last decade – and attracted a further $1.1 billion in matched funding – and has predicted mini-grids could supply electricity to 490 million people by 2030.


Seesawing energy prices renew demand for solar in North Africa

Climate change ambitions announced by the governments of Egypt and Morocco are symptomatic of a desire for clean power sites with regional policymakers leaning towards auction-set payments for clean power, according to a recent webinar.


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