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Renewables and storage developers bid to offer new power in Ontario

The Canadian province needs to commission 5 GW of newly-built electricity generation capacity to cope with demand driven in part by electric vehicles and nuclear energy retirements.

Germany concludes fourth rooftop PV tender with average price of €0.0884/kWh

The German authorities reviewed bids with a total capacity of 767 MW and selected projects totaling 201 MW. The final prices ranged between €0.0820 ($0.0813)/kWh and €0.0891/kWh. The final average price was €0.084.

Artifical intelligence model to forecast entire region’s solar output using real-time satellite data

Combining satellite images of Australian rooftops with those of real-time cloud cover to create accurate forecasts of distributed solar output for suburbs and perhaps even whole regions and states is the focus of a new Australian startup, Solstice AI.

Switzerland wants to deploy solar along highways

The Swiss Federal Council has amended the National Roads Ordinance to allow the country to generate renewable energy on free surfaces along major thoroughfares, such as noise barriers and rest areas.


New models to predict crop yields in agrivoltaics

A Swedish-Italian research group has applied state-of-the-art models for global horizontal irradiance decomposition to assess photosynthetically active radiation in agrivoltaic projects – an important variable to properly predict crop yield.

New battery for residential, commercial applications

Dutch manufacturer MG Energy Systems is offering a new storage system in two versions, with capacities of 5.8 kWh and 7.2 kWh and nominal capacities of 230 Ah and 280 Ah.


BayWa右眼,发展p hybrid solar-storage-hydrogen project in France

The Community of Communes of Haute-Saintonge on the mid-Atlantic coast of France has picked BayWa r.e. to develop an innovative hybrid project on the site of the Pôle Mécanique de la Haute Saintonge.


Dubai solar site still aiming for 5 GW by 2030

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has issued an update indicating that the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park is still targeting 5 GW of generation capacity within this decade.


Australia’s largest solar farm begins exporting to grid

France’s Neoen has started exports to the grid and is now rapidly advancing toward full production at the massive 400 MW solar farm it has developed in Queensland, Australia.


Rooftop PV for pre-cooling of residential, commercial buildings

Australian researchers have developed a way to use rooftop PV to run air conditioners to pre-cool residential and commercial buildings. They have identified several factors that could help reduce a building’s energy costs.


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