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Trina Solar achieves 24.24% efficiency for 210 mm n-type TOPCon solar cell

Trina Solar said TÜV Nord in Germany has confirmed the efficiency rating of its latest solar panel.

Belgian manufacturer unveils 400 W black glass-glass heterojunction solar module for residential applications

The new product features a power conversion efficiency of 22.0% and a temperature coefficient of -0.25% per C.

Perovskite solar cell with 23.93% efficiency via new moisture treatment

来自中国的科学家开发了一种可控莫伊sture treatment for perovskite films that is reportedly able to promote the mass transportation of organic salts. The films were used to build a 0.2 cm2 perovskite solar cell that was able to retain 80% of its initial efficiency after 1200 h.

NHPC, BEL want to set up polysilicon-to-solar module gigafab in India

State-owned NHPC and Bharat Electronics Ltd will leverage their complementary strengths to set up a gigawatt-scale vertically integrated solar manufacturing unit.

German state supports balcony solar power generation via rebate program

The government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has allocated €10 million ($9.93 million) to support the deployment of balcony solar modules with a power output of up to 600 W.


PV-driven aerator for shrimp aquaculture

The aerator consists of a 200 W solar panel, an aerator frame, an eight-leaf windmill for paddling water and restoring oxygen levels, a DC motor working as a driving wheel, a buoy as a component lifter, and a box panel as a protective tool that uses the electricity network.

Panasonic launches new warranty package for solar and battery storage

The company now offers a 25-year warranty for its panels and 10 years for its energy storage system.


Perovskite-silicon tandem single-cell solar module with 26.2% efficiency

Researchers in Saudi Arabia claim to have reduced cell-to-module losses in tandem perovskite silicon photovoltaic devices through an optical redesign of the module through refractive-index engineering. They built a monolithic perovskite-silicon tandem mini-module with a power conversion efficiency of 26.2%.


Waaree obtains approval for 4.75 GW of solar module capacity

Waaree, a Mumbai-headquartered solar manufacturer, has obtained government approval for 4.75 GW of annual PV module capacity.


Solarspace launches 555 W half-cut solar module with gallium-doped cells

The new module has a power conversion efficiency of up to 21.5% and a temperature coefficient of -0.35% per C.

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